Interview Extra: Naya Rivera & Heather Morris

On again/off again would-be lesbian lovers Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez went through a tough time emotionally in the last series of Glee, with dimbulb-with-a-heart Britney leaving Santana for wheelchair-bound Artie. Though the relationship didn’t really work out, she wasn’t going back to Santana anytime soon, though she did tell her she’s the only person she really truly loves. Let’s find out what’s in store this year…

It was a great second series of Glee for both Brittany and Santana because you were slightly more in the background during the first series. Did you have any idea of what was in store for both of your characters?
Heather Morris: Nope every episode was a big surprise for us.

You’ve had a massive storyline with your sexuality. How have people responded to that?
Naya Rivera: Very well, it’s just been overwhelming because it’s something that’s just so real to so many fans. Just getting fan letters and meeting people and being thanked for portraying something and doing something that you love everyday is a really crazy feeling. I feel a responsibility now to do a good job.

Are you hoping that Santana’s sexuality gets explored more in the third season?
Naya Rivera: Yes I know that it will. I know that Ryan Murphy has said that no matter what, they’re going to stay true to her sexual orientation and take it seriously. And he said that she will deal with it the way that Kurt dealt with his. Hopefully there will not be too many more tears for her.

Do you think we’ll see any more of Santana and Dave Karofsky together?
Naya Rivera: Probably not. I know that they’re not going to have her lie anymore about being with boys.

Do you think Santana’s going to come out or is it that she just doesn’t lie?
Naya Rivera: I think she’ll just deal with it and then eventually she’ll come to the place where she is now. I don’t think she’ll be using boys anymore.

A lot of people are hoping that Santana and Brittany get together. Are you hoping for that?
Heather Morris: Yes, sure. We enjoy it when we work together.

When you’re getting the material you’re not thinking what this is going to change, you’re just thinking in the moment, and then later on you get the response. Of course we’re going to want to work with each other because we have a good time, but then it’s later on when you hear about how much people loved it and you’re like, ‘Oh OK.’

Do you think Brittany might be a secret genius and she’s going to end up with a scholarship to Harvard?
Heather Morris: That’s what I think, but I don’t know — we’ll see.

You get great fight scenes as well.
Naya Rivera: Yes, it’s really funny. I’ve fought everyone physically and the funniest thing is that I’ve never been in a real fight in my life.

Heather Morris: Which I’m hoping for.

Naya Rivera: It’s on my bucket list to get into a real fight.

Would you like to see more of their families and their home life?
Heather Morris: Yes that’s a good idea.
Naya Rivera: That’s what I’m looking forward to hopefully happening in the third season.

You both started out as funny characters but have both had a lot more dramatic stuff recently. Do you prefer drama or comedy?
Heather Morris: I prefer comedy.

Naya Rivera: I prefer comedy as well but, you know, it was really cool to do so many dramatic things.

What is Jane Lynch like on set? Is she as funny as Sue Sylvester?
Naya Rivera: She is.

Heather Morris: She’s all-round entertaining.

Naya Rivera: And so sweet, so nice.

You both get to wear some awesome outfits throughout the series. Do you think, ‘Wow I look hot’? Or do you hate them?
Heather Morris: I love everything I wear.

Naya Rivera: She has some great clothes.

Are you ever tempted to go out in your Cheerios outfit?
Heather Morris: Never.

Do you miss wearing those?
Naya Rivera: I do. I wear less clothing now, it’s crazy.

What was your favourite song to sing in the last series?
Heather Morris: I liked Landslide.

Naya Rivera: I liked Songbird.

Heather Morris: That made me cry.

Naya Rivera: I’d never heard the song before and when they sent me the demo I literally was weeping in my house. I thought, ‘How am I going to record this? It’s going to make me cry.’ But it was good.

Is there a dream song that you’re eyeing up for the next series?
Naya Rivera: I don’t have a dream song. I have artists that I’d really like to do. Maybe Billie Holiday and some Adele.

What about you Heather?
Heather Morris: I don’t need to sing anymore.

Naya Rivera: I want her to sing Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind. She needs to do that songI

Heather Morris: That would be so funny.

Because Britney is such a nice character, is the fans reaction very positive when you’re out and about?
Heather Morris: I get high fives, so yes.

And is playing Santana a bit more problematic Naya?
Naya Rivera: People will beat me up!

Heather Morris: Genuinely she has scars all over her entire body.

Naya Rivera: Somebody tried to hit me with a car, it’s been insane. No, no one is ever mean to me. No one has ever said, ‘Hey what Santana said was rude,’ but nobody has ever questioned me. Maybe they’re just afraid of me.

Ben Lawrence